As the first Accessible Yoga Conference approaches it’s interesting to reflect on the process of creating this event. The idea of putting on a Conference came out of my desire to build community among adaptive Yoga teachers and students when I found myself in a new community without a strong support network.

I moved to Santa Barbara three years ago, after living in the San Francisco Bay Area for over twenty years. I had been surrounded by a supportive and loving community of fellow yogis at the San Francisco Integral Yoga Institute. I realized that adaptive Yoga teachers everywhere must feel the same way. They are on their own trying to share these beautiful teachings to the best of their ability.

I hope to bring the adaptive yoga community together for a number of reasons: I’d like to support the beautiful work that so many teachers are out there doing on their own by offering them a platform for their teaching. I’d also like to offer the adaptive yoga community a united voice to tell the world that we’re here to help. We have tools that can offer healing and peace to whoever is interested.

In the end, yoga is a very personal practice – learning how to work with your own mind and body in whatever condition they are in. Yet, the support of a community is essential for this work. Organizing the Conference has already broadened and deepened my community, and I hope attendees leave the Accessible Yoga Conference with a greater sense of support. I also hope that they leave inspired to deepen their personal practice and to spread the word about yoga with those around them.



09/13/2015 10:21am

I work a a Yoga Therapist primarily with people with chronic and life threatening conditions as well as at the end of life. I am so grateful to see that you have organized this and so sorry it was too late to come to your conference!

09/15/2015 10:49pm

Ellen, I hope you can join us next year. We're looking at Sept. 16-18, 2016 in Santa Barbara, California. You can join our mailing list which is on the bottom of the homepage on our website. Best of luck to you!


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