Well, we did it! We put on the 1st Accessible Yoga Conference and it was a great success by all measures. We were sold out with a waiting list at 125 people.

The  comment that I have heard from so many people who attended the Conference is that they have never attended a Conference where there was no sense of competition. Instead, they felt a feeling of community, collaboration, and mutual support.

This makes me so happy - because my main objective in starting the Conference was to connect the seemingly disparate parts of our Accessible Yoga family - all of those Yoga teachers out there struggling on their own to bring Yoga to people who don't usually have access. In my opening statement I encouraged all those in attendance to reach out to someone new and support them in some way - professionally or personally.

To be honest I'm feeling simultaneously high and exhausted from this experience - it took a lot more logistical planning than I had imagined. Yet, all that work was totally worth it.  The bulk of the work was done by the Planning Committee: Megan Zander, Maitreyi Picerno, Ana Killingstat, Priya Wagner, Sarani Fedman, Rev. Rudra Swartz, and Shakti Bell.

I also want to thank our wonderful presenters: Matthew Sanford, Dianne Bondy, Melanie Klein, JoAnn Lyons, Marsha Danzig, Judy Weaver, Jess Rhodes, Stacie Dooreck, Cheri Clampett and Avahara. We'll be hosting many guest bloggers here who were in attendance at the Conference and want to share their stories.

Looking forward to seeing you at next year's Conference - September 16-18, 2016 in Santa Barbara, California.



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