All the blogs I read seems to have lists, so I thought I’d give it a chance and come up with five reasons to come to the Accessible Yoga Conference. I can think of a lot more, but I’m trying to focus here. I’ll post a series of blogs each with one good reason to come to the Accessible Yoga Conference:

Reason #1: Challenge the Paradigm

The truth is, a few years ago I found myself feeling competitive with other adaptive yoga teachers. I had just moved to Santa Barbara and I had this terrible feeling that I had to compete with the local teachers for work. It was sad, ego-based, scarcity thinking. At one point, I realized how antithetical to yoga that was, and that as a yogi I had dedicated myself to work on quieting my ego-mind so I could have some peace of mind. I realized I had to do something about my own misperception of the situation.

So, I thought of one of the yoga teachings, pratipaksha bhavana, which means positive thinking, or replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts. It occurred to me, that the opposite of my ego-based thinking was to put all my energy into supporting other teachers and building a community of adaptive yoga teachers (who probably all felt as isolated as I did). That’s how the idea of the Accessible Yoga Conference was born.

I had always questioned the direction that mainstream yoga was heading; and I often wondered how to best counter the ego and celebrity-focus of modern yoga. The idea of working in community is the perfect antidote to this focus on individual teachers and yoga stars. If we can find a way to support each other, and build each other up, then we can achieve great things together.

The fact is, yoga is for everyone regardless of background, race, size, or ability. We all share the same heart – and it’s through yoga that we can touch that place of peace within us: A place of peace that exists within all of us! Like I always say, “If you have a body and a mind you can do yoga.”

So, my first reason for you to come to the Accessible Yoga Conference is to shift the paradigm in our yoga culture to one of mutual love and support: To create a yoga community based on respect for difference and inclusion. The Conference is a platform for this change - join us and help fuel this paradigm shift.

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