REASON #4: Get Trained to Go Out There and Share!  Continued Education

Yoga is transformational–anyone who practices yoga knows what that means. The Accessible Yoga Conference offers an opportunity to study with leaders in the field. Our presenters are teachers who have been doing this work for decades and have so much wisdom and practical information to share. If you’re a yoga teacher, or thinking about becoming one, then the Conference will inspire you to find ways to bring yoga to the community that is most important to you. You’ll get continued education, and find teachers who offer trainings is all aspects of accessibility.

This is also an opportunity to get a taste of the full teacher training programs that most of our presenters teach. You can take a variety of workshops and find the teacher that inspires you. Here are some of the offerings at this year’s conference:

Yoga for the Special Child
with Sonia Sumar
Therapeutic Yoga with Cheri Clampett
Yoga for Trauma with Hala Khouri
Yoga for Arthritis with Steffany Moonaz
Yoga of Recovery with Durga Leela
Yoga for the Blind and Visually–impaired with Natasha Baebler
Yoga for All with Dianne Bondy
Integrative Restoration Yoga Nidra with Stephanie Lopez
Chair Yoga with Lakshmi Voelker
Accessible Yoga with Jivana Heyman.

We’ll also have panel discussions on running a small yoga business, teachers who have a disability and teach people with disabilities, and the intersection of yoga therapy and Accessible Yoga.

Most importantly, we offer a Community Session, where anyone who's attending the Conference can present on how they are sharing Accessible Yoga. This is one way we can fight the celebrity culture of modern yoga, and give a voice to the people who are out there in the world serving. Come lend your voice to our chorus.

Join us in Santa Barbara, California, September 16-18, 2016 for the 2nd Annual Accessible Yoga Conference! Register here!



Priya Patrice Wagner
07/30/2016 2:37pm

Is it okay for us to join in the chorus if can't carry a tune but love Accessible Yoga?


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