by Shakti Bell

I teach yoga to people living with complex, chronic and disabling conditions.  Most of my students have MS.  It's a modest class and we only meet once a week.   I keep the teaching schedule to a minimum to preserve my energy because I've got MS too.  So I've been asked by Jivana, my teacher and the one who got me doing all this, to write a series of blogs showing some of the ways I make yoga accessible for my students.

Without sufficient strength and balance a standing pose can quickly disintegrate.  Practicing from a supine position allows students to maintain comfort and ease while still benefiting from the asana.  By planting her feet against the wall Mary can experience lengthening through the “back” foot, up her side and through the extension of her hand and  maintain  grounding.  I can help a student who is having difficulty “tilting” by putting my foot against the hip, creating tension and gently pulling the arm toward the foot.

Next post we’ll look at bhujangasana.


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