REASON #3: Be Respected for Your Passion – Connect with Your Community
by Jivana Heyman

Have you ever noticed that in most of the yoga world adaptive yoga is simply an afterthought? Advanced poses are great, but the fact is most of us need Accessible Yoga. It’s time that we stood up for the important work of making yoga accessible to all bodies–not just the young, flexible and athletic.

Accessible Yoga’s mission is to focus on reaching into marginalized communities, and finding ways to bring yoga to people who don’t feel comfortable in regular yoga classes. This is our priority, our reason for being. If you have a similar interest, then this is the place for you!

The Conference offers a platform for community connection and mutual respect. Networking is an important part of any conference, and we are building a community of people dedicated to sharing yoga with the rest of us. When we come together in solidarity, we can share one voice–a louder voice–that can be heard over the din of mainstream media. With this voice we can say loud and clear: “Yoga is for all, we are all deserving, and we are all yogis.”



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