REASON #5: Be Empowered Through Practice:

The underlying theme of the conference is empowerment through yoga practice. This means that through our practice, whatever outward form it takes, we can find a way to connect with the power within. The key is learning the tools that we need to make that inward journey. As yoga teachers, our job is to support others as they turn within. Facilitating that journey can be incredibly rewarding.

Last year, practicing at the Conference with so many inspiring yogis of all shapes, sizes, and abilities, from around the world, I was struck by two things: yoga is powerful, and we can all practice yoga. It was amazing to see yogis who use wheelchairs practicing alongside able-bodied yogis, and to have so many aspects of humanity represented in one room. We had classes taught by senior teachers–some of whom have disabilities themselves–and we learned from their wisdom and experience.

Our ability to teach yoga is drawn from the depth of our own experience as yoga practitioners. By getting inspired we can inspire others. We need to spend time in study and reflection to find that light within, and then we can ignite a spark in those around us. At the Conference you may find a moment of transcendent peace, or inspired reflection. These moments can come from practicing together in community, studying with an inspiring teacher, or feeling connected to a world-wide Accessible Yoga movement. I hope you can join us In Santa Barbara, California, this September 16-18, 2016, and find inspiration, community and empowerment!

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