Recently, I’ve been a little hard on myself. I had a really big transition lately, moving into our first home (which happens to need lots of tlc). Combine that with building/running a business and being a mother and wife.
I can’t lie, I started to question if I am better off being a student rather than teacher. Then Wednesday night about 20 minutes into my evening class, a woman walks in very slow, and full of emotions. She says she was there for yoga and had been invited by the store manager. Myself and the other student, who happened to be the owner, greets and welcomes her.

As she steps onto the mat I just prepared for her, on the verge of tears, she begins to tell me her story. I assure her this is a safe, non-judgmental zone and we welcome everyone here.

That night we had a beautiful class. I wasn’t bothered by the fact that she was late, or felt she needed to explain her story, or that she kept apologizing for what she couldn’t do. I told her sometimes the best part of yoga is to just breathe and be on your mat. Most of the real magic happens on its own and that you are where you’re supposed to be.

After class, she told me her body felt good and thanked me for the reminders to breathe. We spoke for a little while longer, I invited her back to class and gave her a hug to seal the invitation.

You see she came searching for a class and was grateful because she doesn’t have to travel to studios that are 20+ miles away. What she didn’t know was that students like her remind me of why I teach and fight hard to make yoga accessible to all.

She was just recently diagnosed with osteoporosis and leukemia and wasn’t sure if yoga was for her. Can you imagine if I turned her away for being late or if I didn’t know how to make poses accessible for her or because my class wasn’t the “right” style or.…

Students like her are why I teach not only yoga but Accessible Yoga. Unbeknownst to her, she also encouraged me to keep pressing on with my mission.




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